Bitescience Products

Bitescience presents scientific research knowledge in bite size portions for professionals involved with young consumers. We offer the following services: If young people are your target group, obtaining academic research insights on their preferences, abilities, activities, and daily environment can be an invaluable asset. Whether you are developing products, media campaigns or services for youth, scientific research can inform, enlighten and inspire you. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to get access to the needed information.

Bitescience offers you the key to research on young consumers, ranging from infants to young adults. We scan academic research from a wide variety of disciplines and select the most important, relevant, and useful research findings. We report these findings in the Bitescience Research Updates, which together form the Bitescience Knowledge Database. If you need more specific and tailored information, we offer Bitescience Custom Solutions and Bitescience Academy seminars for your particular company, project, or campaign.