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Bitescience Research Updates are bite-size, accessible, and attractive short articles with clear graphics, facts & findings, and take-away points. Each Bitescience Research Update reports a new study on young consumers from ten different categories, represented by the colored bars at the right-hand side of the Bitescience website. View sample articles.

Every week, new Bitescience Research Updates appear on the Bitescience website. Together, these updates form the Bitescience Knowledge Database, a continuously growing database of bite-size research insights on young consumers. On, there are various ways to search for information within your particular field(s) of interest, including the ingenious, personally adaptable home page, quick-access category buttons, a practical search function, and links to related articles.

With a subscription, not only do you stay updated with Research Updates via the website, email, and mobile services, but you also get full access to the complete Bitescience Knowledge Database. A subscription is a perfect way to stay up-to-date on the research within your field of interest.

So put your hand in the candy jar and take a bite! Get a subscription to the Bitescience Research Updates today and get access, overview, insight, and inspiration.

Subscriptions & Rates

All subscriptions provide full access to the Bitescience Research Updates and Bitescience Knowledge Database and include online, e-mail, and mobile update services. You can choose from the following individual subscription types: Aside from individual subscriptions based on access by login name and password, we also offer company subscriptions based on access by IP-address. Subscriptions rates are dependent on the type and size of your organization. Please contact us for more information.

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